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Who are we

We are two thriving young IT professionals with a lot of knowledge and an eye for perfection. Our goal is to make the internet a better place. We prefer quality over quantity and want to create the best possible solutions to every challenge. With our hands on mentality and fresh look on IT we are seen as the new kid’s on the block

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A few of our services


Hosting is one of the most important things on the web. We supply custom hosting fitting your needs.


A website or app is part of your identity. We build websites and apps according to your wishes and budget.


Not sure about something? As young IT professionals we service consultancy with a fresh look at the challenge.

Dreams become achievements

Everyone has dreams. Some are big, some are small. At Software Essentials we like dreams. They keep us wondering what could be. But there is one thing we like even more than dream, goals. Cause when dreams become goals you can achieve them. Have you ever had a dream about something in IT? Together we can make it a goal and achieve it!


Some of our awesome clients and partners


Let’s go on an adventure together

Adventures are scary, they launch you into the unknown and can make you vulnerable. An adventure becomes less scary when you team up. So let’s go on an adventure together, cause together we can achieve anything.

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