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Hosting with Software Essentials

Hosting is one of the most important things on the web. We deliver all possible VPS and Managed hosting packages according to your wishes! Is your desired option not listed here? Or not sure what you need? Contact us. We will make sure that you get the hosting which fits your needs.

Contained hosting

Contained hosting (managed host) is an ideal solution for people with a single site who want a simple solution. 

How does the process work

After you have sent your wishes we will create the hosting for you. You will receive an email with login credentials for our back-office. In the back-office you can do everything from adding your domains to upgrading your hosting. If there are any questions we will gladly answer them! Happy hosting.

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Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting (VPS) is an ideal solution for people looking for more freedom in their hosting.

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Looking for something more custom?

We offer custom hosting for everyone. We will start a conversation to find your needs. After this wil we create a custom hosting for you. Just press the big green button down here to get in contact!

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